If learning is uninspiring, passion is disengaged. The industrial-era, antiquated origins of today’s teaching methods can destroy originality and creativity for many learners. Students start with an expected ‘A’ grade, and just have their self-esteem and enthusiasm chipped away. So, ask yourself, how are we best educating our children for the changes ahead?

The challenge

We have long known that each student has their own mode of learning, each one influenced by their upbringing and background. Yet we are still not doing enough to address this in our education system. We need an application that will be adaptive, which learns how to personalise learning methods and pace of delivery for individuals.

The opportunity

Soffos will act as an “AI Teaching Companion” and harness the breathtaking power of internet connected artificial intelligence. It will be able to answer a learner's questions in their native language, incorporating contextual elements of the learner's environment. SoffoS will present real-time information, along with encouraging gamified peer-to-peer feedback and positive reinforcement.

Our plan

Soffos will follow a learner’s progress and provide increasingly complex tasks, to help learners become stronger, more independent thinkers. Access via ‘The Cloud’ will deliver engaging gamified content. SoffoS will democratise education, because those in poverty will be able to gain basic access free of charge.



It’s difficult not to over emphasise the megalithic scale of the computing power needed to provide the day to day running of Soffos’ hyper-efficient conduit. The system will work in real time, off globally-interconnected live servers, operating in about 200 languages, translating text whilst both synthesising and recording voice from and to hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously. Not only that, but each and every person’s account will be constantly matched against success parameters, thousands of times per user interaction. This aggregation will continually hone the optimum learning style and teaching efficiency of every member. Consider also that each account must be secure; holding the records and ongoing activity, history and preferences of every single person. All this adds up to an inexpressibly vast amount of data. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes into its own. AI is fuelled on Big Data. Terabytes of the stuff. Unlike conventional computing, which simply becomes slower the more data it is given to process, AI becomes more efficient and faster every time it receives more raw data to analyse. This is simply because the more ‘results’ the AI ‘brain’ receives, the more likely it is to become increasingly accurate with its next calculation. Where conventional computing processes data in a ‘linear’ way, unchanging the process until a human intervenes to make that change, AI makes its own changes in response to its own ‘perceptions’ of its very success. AI uses self-dynamically driven algorithms, whereas conventional computing relies more on pre-defined processes. This is extremely complex to explain in detail mathematically and technically, but a simple analogy is to imagine conventional computing and AI much like the workings of a conventional car engine versus a turbocharged car engine. Both machines perform identical tasks (i.e making the car drive forward), but the turbocharged engine accelerates much faster, because it uses its own exhaust gases to power a fan that pushes fuel into the engine at pressure. Effectively, it exploits its own inefficiency and turns it to a positive advantage.



Is this You?

Educational Visionary required for CEO position

You should be a warrior who shares our passionate credo that the current system for educating people is failing. We need someone to declare war on that failure. Education isn't keeping up with technology, which is a squander of resources and opportunity. Read more to see if you might qualify to be our leading visionary…

Apply Now

Nick brings over 20 years experience of working with software startups as an entrepreneur, investor and advisor. His focus is on new approaches to perceived problems using neuroscience-inspired artificial intelligence.

Having started writing code at the age of 12, Nick has also been an entrepreneur since his early 20’s. As a result, he has solid grasp over the technical and strategic dimensions of a start-up and is able to bridge the divide that is often present between technologists and business people. Where necessary, Nick assists with creating algorithms, writing specs, defining user experiences, refining ideas and feasibility-testing forward plans.

Crucially, Nick also participates in revenue and financial model decisions, writing business plans, advising on valuations, together with raising seed and venture capital, not least through his extensive network of investors and entrepreneurs.

Nick has lived on three continents and has done business in many countries. He also serves as a board-level consultant advisor to numerous exciting tech start-ups. Over the years, Nick has helped to nurture several start-ups from below zero on the balance sheet, to producing millions of dollars in monthly revenue.

Nick enjoys walking his Yorkshire Terrier dog with his nutritionist partner Julie, on the very rare occasions when he isn’t hard at work!

Nick Kairinos


International Entrepreneur & Keynote speaker (NRF) on the subject of 'Beyond the Omni-channel, Innovate or die!'

Frequently featured in various publications on the subjects of digital concierge services, personalization & mood analytics to enhance the travel & retail experience.

Experienced energetic business visionary with over 25 years of proven leadership in the Hospitality & Travel Industry with a passion for tackling complex problems & developing suitable solutions. Started numerous companies over the years and acquired a wealth of knowledge that only doing can provide. Strong track record of leading large high performing teams to achieve outstanding results in fast pace environments. Focused on the online offline potential presented by the fast moving digital environment.

Dino Demetriou


Katy is an experienced entrepreneur with a successful career across various industries, she is skilled in negotiation, business planning, coaching, teaching, and team building; a strong business development professional with a degree in Industrial Psychology, diplomas in Economics, Business Economics and Accounting.

She was also the owner and operator of ‘Sum-It-Maths’, a centre she owned and operated with a team of University students who played the role of mentors rather than teachers. The methods were completely different to those used in mainstream schools; producing an average of 30% increase in marks term on term. Almost all of the learners gained places at top universities around the world.

Katy Nicolaou

Joint Interim CEO

Marina is both a legal and accounting graduate from South Africa who keeps the wheels turning by acting in a dual role; overseeing recruitment, selection and on-boarding of contractors and personnel, whilst also chasing progress of jobs, liaising with team members on timescales, keeping records, accounts and invoices in order and generally running a tight ship.

With a career spanning over 20 years in both consulting and corporate, she has a background in Human Capital management, benefits policy and procedure administration at a senior level for blue chip corporations, so she's no stranger to keeping wayward creatives, mathematicians and engineers in order! Everyone loves talking to Marina, because she has control over the expense accounts and makes sure that everyone gets paid on time, amongst other things.

Marina also owns and runs a retail business in Limassol with her husband, so together with her legal and accounting background she's a power-user of all Office software, and could probably give our techies a good run for their money!

When not keeping the operations running smoothly and fully staffed, Marina spends her spare time scrapbooking, reading, listening to music and dancing. She loves the challenge of numerical and word puzzles and also going for long walks with her dog. Marina is justly proud of her two beautiful daughters.


Joint Interim CEO

Loui Mercieca is a major authority on Blockchain technology. He is the Founder and CTO of cryptoGEEKS, a blockchain development company, and also an advisor as part of the National Blockchain Strategy Taskforce for the Maltese government.

His technical expertise comes from over 12 years’ experience in the IT industry, starting as a software developer and progressing to senior management and chief technical roles. Loui has been studying Blockchain and Bitcoin since 2014 and is currently in the process of obtaining his certification as an Ethereum developer.

In his free time Loui is interested in current affairs and reading. He is a football follower, particularly supporting Barcelona and the national team of Croatia. To relax Loui plays online games and tries to keep fit with sports.

Loui Mercieca


Strategic Planning on software and hardware product development. Multi-disciplinary team management and project delivery. Exceptional ability to construct and facilitate cohesive teams. Interface with third parties and liaise with key stakeholders. Accomplished lean and integrated project delivery advisor and highly skilled at pre-construction methodologies including Integrated Project Delivery. Mr. Constanitnou is an I.T. Specialist with 6 years of technical lecturing experience from ground level computing literacy through to Computer Science degree level. Over 20 years of combined I.T. Professional Experience with proprietary and bespoke hardware and software, Client-Server infrastructures. He has been involved at senior level with prominent Amazon and eBay companies. Built multi-platform, multi-site infrastructures to online retailers of digital and physical product including sourcing, warehousing, shipping and affiliate marketing successes.

Marios Constantinou


Anna is a specialist in corporate identity and branding, having recently designed material for both Fountech & SoffoS, as well as other international clients in Cyprus, Prague, South Africa & Milan.

A South African born Greek, now living abroad in Europe, Anna regards herself as a citizen of the world. As a result, by working with so many international clients, she has gained a multicultural outlook, which enables her to communicate via the common language of aesthetics, rather than being constrained by geographic linguistic and graphical conventions.

Anna considers herself as a passionate and conceptual creative, always trying to evoke change or inspiration in the world through her work. In her spare time Anna enjoys yoga, photography, illustration and traveling the world.

Anna Kyriacou


Micaela is currently studying for a degree in communication sciences at the University of South Africa and completed a course in mass media and digital communications at the University of Nicosia in 2015.

Micaela is also adept at business administration, MS office suite and the usual social media channel interface packages. Her recent work as a maths tutor for primary school pupils and her extensive social media experience, publicising various businesses from hospitality to distribution companies, has given her an excellent background for working in the exciting dynamic world of online promotion.

Micaela Haralambous

Social Media Manager

Kyriacos is a video producer and director specializing in promotional and corporate videos.

Having gained Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees in media and film related subjects at Royal Holloway, University of London and Bournemouth University respectively, Kyriacos has produced an impressive portfolio to date.

He has directed and contributed to several short films and has also worked as a camera assistant for Olympic Broadcasting at the London 2012 Olympics.

Kyriacos’ body of work covers producing, directing, cinematography and video editing. He now leads his own team of professionals with their various media industry related specialisms; indeed, he prides himself on overseeing a video from the client’s original idea to a final polished feature.

When not working hard, Kyriacos’ interests are cinema, travel and a fascination with the cosmos and all its exciting discoveries yet to be made. He also enjoys mountain walking, videography and is a board member of a charity dedicated to improving children’s psychological health and well-being.

Kyriacos Demetriou

Video producer

Every project needs to be outlined accurately. Every product needs to be sold to someone. Every business needs to raise finance, and every company needs to present itself to the wider world. Tom Hill has been painting word pictures for hundreds of clients since becoming a location independent freelance copywriter and website marketing consultant in 2002.

Formerly a professional photographer, photojournalist, HGV driver, travel writer, university lecturer, marketing executive, sales manager and recruitment professional, Tom is now Fountech’s ‘words man’. From software specifications to investor prospectuses, or creating technical authored documents to conjuring up WordPress websites, Tom’s role is to help people understand what’s going on, when, where and why.

Tom writes the content for the apps and user interfaces designed and built by Fountech. He scribes out the press releases, polishes up the business plans and makes complex technical and financial documents understandable to a variety of appropriate audiences.

When not trying to write The Great English Novel, Tom appreciates visits to the cinema, pub quiz entries, a fine Burgundy, and is extremely keen on off-road driving his trusty Land Rover Defender. You might be relieved to learn that these latter two activities are never performed contemporaneously!

Tom Hill





If you’re reading this before the 14th of May 2018, we’re ahead of ourselves! So, the slick website that you’re looking at right now is the teaser site…this will sit on the Soffos.ai domain until the consumer site release in March 2019. Meantime, other timeline announcements will be made in the ‘Latest News’ section.


We will be bringing on-board people to make this project happen as the requirements progress. ‘Blockchainers’, designers, ‘legal eagles’, a Chief Financial Officer, accountants, educational professionals as advisors, user-experience testers, mathematicians… If we need them, we’ll hire them!


A private pre-sale involves a limited number of sophisticated investors who will purchase a significant quantity of Soffex at a discounted rate from the intended public sale. Such invitations will be sent to those who have pre-registered an interest via this website over the weeks preceding the sale.


This is when the actual fabric of the Soffos Ecosystem starts to take shape, when the process starts to be measured in results, every day. Algorithms will start to translate voice and text, AI will start to recognise how questions are posed and answered, the method of calculating feedback scores will be designed. This is when the concept of the future of learning starts to become a computing reality.


The actual process of ICO may be over in 48 hours. Or, perhaps, a longer medium-term process, which involves a sliding scale of discounts from the full price of Soffex. Perhaps buyers can take advantage of a 14% discount two weeks from the closing date, reducing to 0% discount on day 14.


When the UX and UI testers, mathematicians, coders, geeks, boffins, interns and coffee makers (!) have done their first stage of work, it’s down to the public to try to break it, shake it and pull it apart. That way, real learners, mentors and anybody with an interest will tell us where we’ve been going wrong, and what we should continue doing right.



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