An Introduction to Soffos

May 2018 - Katy Nicolaou


The power of education is limitless as it extends far beyond the development of skills we need for economic success. It contributes to nation building and reconciliation, it provides the tools needed to correct and hopefully reverse the damage already caused to our ailing planet. It is therefore safe to say that the renaissance of the entire world and our successful future interaction, in the global village, depends largely on the progress we make in educating the youth of today and future generations. Education is key to eliminating every form of discrimination, from reducing poverty, to creating a sustainable planet, to preventing needless deaths and illnesses, and fostering peace.

It is common knowledge that there is a vast majority of children around the world that either have no access to basic education, or rely on schools that are lacking the correct media and tools needed for effective teaching instruction. Individual schools and governments on their own cannot achieve global academic goals, they need to harness the energies and resources of the world.

Children’s needs for effective learning have evolved and changed drastically over recent times, as their curiosity and thirst for knowledge is satisfied through audio visual and, more specifically, interactive means. Unfortunately education systems have either not been able to keep up with these fast and ever-changing needs, or have not been able to implement the changes needed fast enough.

We at Soffos are introducing an educational format that enables our children to exploit their similarities and common goals, whilst appreciating the strength in their diversity. This will be done by using the collaboration of business, non-governmental organizations, the community as well as schools and educators. We believe that this is pivotal in the transformation of education.

Soffos will revolutionize the way students learn in school by utilizing the technology of our future: Artificial Intelligence.

Our plan is to design a system, which is so fundamental to students’ learning, that schools will need to embrace and implement this system, as the parents’ demand for such an essential learning tool increases.

Our aim is to harness the unbounded power of internet connected artificial intelligence, and build an independent platform to connect potential and existing learners with teachers, mentors, and resource providers on an enormous, groundbreaking global scale.

Soffos will provide a conduit so hyper-efficient that it will operate in over 200 languages, translating text and voice in real time. The platform will work on any phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet, in any location where there is an internet connection.

At Soffos we have a plan to test the foundations in a real classroom. Using their tablets and smartphones, students will be able to receive all the assistance they need once they get home through a system that will test the material they have learnt in the classroom, and will ensure not only that the student has learnt it, but will also supplement that day’s lesson if the student wants to expand his/her knowledge on the subject.

Constant updates will be made available to both teachers and parents on the students’ progress, and more importantly will be able to identify the early stages of learning difficulties.

Aside from the system being a learning tool it will identify cases of behavioral concerns that otherwise would not have been reported therefore ‘rescuing’ the child from potential trauma.
By listening in, it will alert the person who may have intentionally, or unintentionally behaved inappropriately towards another student. If further action should be required against the student, the system will make the appropriate notifications to both the school and parents.

That’s great! But where do we go from there?

Imagine an international, utterly democratic, wholly meritocratic, open learning system covering any subject imaginable, which enables absolutely anyone, anywhere, to access it for free.

With its own form of tokens, contributors will be rewarded for their contributions either by further expanding their education or by conventional money.

Soffos will enable resource providers, teachers, mentors, and those with any knowledge to impart, to be rewarded by the learners themselves, any institution, individual, charity, or corporation that chooses to contribute. Experts will become teachers, and those who seek that knowledge will benefit as learners free of charge, but with the option to seek personal tuition by investing in the system’s tokens.

We envisage Soffos’ users and contributors, at least for the first few years, working with existing institutions, teachers, mentors and learners as a powerful stand-alone resource. Think of Soffos in its early stages as everything from extra tuition for some, a research repository for others, a pathway to higher qualifications for those who need them and an essential basic literacy teaching for millions of others.

At Soffos, we have the vision and the expertise to remove barriers in education, learning and potential, for EVERYONE on the planet.